Columbia Marathoner Runs 50 Miles for Penguin Conservation

Ultra-marathoner raising money for Riverbanks Zoo, Oceanites

spent the day at Riverbanks Zoo running on a treadmill to help raise money for penguin conservation.

"Conservation is near and dear to my heart," Schuster said. "I love conservation and the fact I get to do it for penguins -- excellent."

Schuster ran a total of 50 miles Saturday in front of the zoo's penguin exhibit.

The money raised from Schuster's efforts will be donated to Oceanites, a nonprofit  science and education foundation dedicated to the understanding and conservation of the world’s oceans, islands and wildlife as well as Antarctica.

Donations also will be made to the Riverbanks Conservation Support Fund. The money raised will allow for a zoo staff member to travel to Peru to participate in a field conservation project to protect Humboldt penguins.

While helping organizations raise money, Schuster is using the run to train for the 2012 Antarctica Marathon.

To donate or learn more about Schuster's journey, visit runningwithpenguins.com.

For more information about Riverbanks Conservation Support Fund, visit the zoo's website.


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